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UM 12-FH

  • Mercedes-Benz Unimog
  • Unimog heavy duty chassis
  • Wheel base 3850 mm (12' 8")
  • U-section frame
  • Torsional flexible load carrying frame
  • Cross country ratio transmission
  • Additional gearbox with crawler gears for hill climbing capacity over 100% grade
  • All gears usable both forward and reverse
  • Four wheel drive can be selected while driving
  • Differential locks for both front and rear axle, can be selected while driving
  • Fully protected drive train using torque tube technology
  • High mounted gear transmission
  • High ramp breakover angle
  • Portal axels for high axle ground clearance
  • Front and rear tires follow same track
  • Enhanced driving safety using coil springs, shock absorbers and stabilizers both front and rear
  • Four wheel disk brakes
  • Enhanced water fording capacity with raised engine air intake and vent openings
  • Torsion free drivers cab mounting using 3 point kinematic mount
  • Soundproofed and viabration isolated drivers cab
  • Raised drivers cab ceiling for additional equipment space and spare tire storage
  • Hydraulic power steering
  • Air brakes and power assisted clutch
  • Engine compartment easily serviced from exterior hood
  • Manual hydraulic drivers cab tilt
  • Low emmision turbo diesel engine
  • Engine oil lubrication system designed for extreme tilt and slope
  • Engine enclosure for lower noise emission
    Frame assembly
  • Mercedes-Benz approved, low 3 point kinematic attachment with main and flex mounts
    for stress free body coupling to the torsion elastic chassis frame

    Body unit construction
  • Self supporting UNICAT sandwich plate panels of fibre glass composite (corrosion free)
  • Panel connections made by adhesive bond to custom extrusions
    eliminates metallic heat conduction paths
  • Matched thermal coeficients of expansion prevent distortion with changes in temperature
  • Wall thickness 60 mm (2.36") with polyurethane foam insulation, 3 mm (0.12") FRP outer surface, 2 mm (0.08") FRP inner surface, insulation rating 0.44 W/m2 K (0.078 Btu/ft2 hr °F)
  • Bottom panel at 95 mm (3.7") thickness, compound construction of plywood bottom,
    foam body, integrated welded steel frame and surfaces of FRP

    Access to drivers cab
  • Highly flexible waterproof bellows coupling

    Doors and hatches
  • UNICAT door and storage hatches constructed of fibreglass composite plates and frames
  • Thickness of door 60 mm (2.36")
  • Double sealed doors and panels
  • Heavy duty locks with seal compression
  • Stainless steel hinges throughout
  • Additional retractable bolts at top and bottom of doors
  • Safety cylinder locks all keyed alike

    Windows and skylights
  • UNICAT burglarproof, scratchproof sidelights and skylights
  • UNICAT window frame made of extrusions, coldspot and corrosion free
  • Double insulated thermal security window glass
Interior layout
    Seating unit
  • Seating unit mounted on pedastel

    Office place
  • Desk with integrated PC and printer
  • Swivel chair for office place or seating unit

  • 2 single beds in the back fitted with comfortable mattresses and duckboards
  • Size: 800 x 2060 / 1810 mm (2' 7" x 6' 7" / 5' 11")

    Shower and wash room
  • Shower in entrance way with combined door, to seperate either from toilette or livingroom
  • Table with integrated sink

  • Seperated toiletroom
  • Also usable as drystorage due to its own radiator

  • Diesel powered ceramic stove
  • Conventional/microwave oven
  • Household size stainless steel sink with single handle faucet
  • 100 l (22 gallon) fridge
  • 40 l (8.8 gallon) deep freezer box
  • Kitchen closet with drawers
  • Hanger closets with halogenlamps

  • Storage space at the office place
  • Hanger clothing closet with pull-out hanger bar
  • Storage cabinet with drawers under the bed
  • Linen cupboard with drawers
  • Hanger closets over the beds
  • Outside storage cabinets under the two beds

  • All furniture is built to the highest cabinetmaking standard,
    made of wood core plywood using heavy duty locks and hinges
  • Materials and finishes may be specified by customer

  • Design and color of floor, walls, ceiling and upholstery may be chosen by the customer
  • Walls and ceiling are painted with multiple coats
Technical equipment
    Electrical equipment
  • Custom control panel to control power management and liquide storages
  • Battery main switch, savety cutout, fault current breaker
  • DC power supply by battery bank, automatic I-U regulated alternator
    and AC automatic I-U shore charger with cell temperature sensing
  • Inverter for 120/240 V
  • Power plugs for 12 V, 120/240 V and 400 V
  • Pre-wired for solar system
  • Pre-wired for TV, video and music system

  • Watercooled diesel generator, remote controlled
  • Raised exhaust and air intake system
  • Water fording capacity due to overpressure system
  • AC and rotary current, power 4 kVA

  • Integrated low voltage quartz halogen lights above the table,
    office place, kitchen, hall way, shower, toilette and storage area

    Water supply
  • 440 l (97 gallon) freeze-proof drinking water tanks
  • 22 l (5 gallon) hot water heat-exchanger
  • Stainless steel freeze-proof waste water tank
  • Water faucets in both bath and kitchen have removable sprayers
  • All components are built due to highest household quality standards
  • All plumbing is insulated to prevent freezing

  • Porcelain-vacuum toilet with water flushing
  • Stainless steel, freeze-proof sewage holding tank

    Heating system
  • 4 stage diesel/electric-motor lost heat powered warm water central heating (2 x 5 kW),
    with engine and diesel preheating system
  • Waste and sewage holding tank heating
  • Radiators in living and bath area
  • Antifrost system
General information
  • 11,900 kg (26,000 lbs)

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