Logotipo da UNICAT® Jacques-Alphonse ORSAT

August 2008

We would also like to take this opportunity to convey the great delight provided to us time and again by our MAN 14.280 UNICAT over various journeys since 2005, and especially to Maghreb and Africa.

Not only the qualities of the vehicle itself thrilled us time and again—its hands-free communications setup, its reliability and in particular its extraordinary performance in overcoming dunes—but the perfectly thought-out design of the body was also terrific.
In this case, the proverbial deutsche Genauigkeit is even an understatement: every individual detail is thought through precisely, and is implemented perfectly; this vehicle is extraordinarily reliable.
If you look past a few flat tyres and filters clogged with sand, everything went splendidly, and we are already looking forward to the next trip.

We hope that UNICAT is already on the road to success, thanks to its high-quality workmanship; this is the wish we would like to pass on to you with our greetings.

Jacques-Alphonse Orsat

(translated from French)

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