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March 2006

Having driven overland through Africa in my twenties and experienced the conregations of the Sahara and the mud tracks of the Congo, I wanted to travel again—but this time I did not want to push!

I discovered UNICAT and was so impressed with their technical expertise, professional attitude and ability to discuss even the most complicated technical detail in English that I bought a UNIMOG from them.

After my first trip I travelled back to UNICAT with my vehicle and the after sales service I received from their friendly and knowledgeable team was second the none. Nothing was too much trouble, and they also helped me with additional information on future upgrades and new technology available such as satellite communications.

In all my dealings with UNICAT I have never been anything but totally satisfied.

Bruce Scott

May 2008

I have been in Central America now for over two years the UNICAT UNIMOG 1550L has been the perfect companion without any problems except of course the ones caused by me. It has traveled on roads in the rainy season where other vehicles fear to tread and even been on Nicaraguan National Television.

Bruce Scott

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